Dom Miller

My job here is to encourage the youth, let them know there is a second chance, you can finish strong, no matter what you’re going through in life

Healthy relationship

Healthy relationships are essential to succeed in life. In this high school and middle school program, students will learn about healthy relationships from Dominic and his wife Chelsea. The couple teaches students what is takes to make a relationship work and how to treat other people with respect. Additionally, the students will learn why education is important. 

Learning your gift

Using your gift and making the most of your talents can get you far. In this keynote for college students, Dominic Miller will teach students about the importance of staying in school while using their gifts. He will provide the students with an understanding of what kind of lifestyle they can have while using their gifts.

Finishing the race

Staff may get to a point where they are just tired. In this keynote on staff development, employees will learn how to identify their life stage and understand the importance of finishing strong. In addition, they will learn the benefits of taking care of themselves first and why it is important to use their gifts.

about Dominic Miller

Keynote speaker and former high school and college football player Dominic Miller shares his personal story about overcoming obstacles.

At a young age, Dominic could easily have gone down the wrong path. Growing up with both of his parents incarcerated, he faced many challenges during his youth. However, against all odds he graduated from college as the first person in the family. At the same time, he had a successful football career in high school and college.

Today, Dominic is a successful keynote speaker with a talent for connecting to youths and children. He is on a mission to help students who are going through the same adversities. His keynotes are entertaining and inspiring, and his standing ovations do not seem to stop.

You may have seen him on TV, at your school, or heard about his programs. Dominic Miller is a well-known speaker and educator. He has spoken all over the U.S. and internationally. He has inspired over two million students and educators all around the world! Dominic was close to playing for the Green Bay Packers, but he is now tackling trending issues such as the STAAR program, bullying, mental health, character building, grit, diversity, peer pressure, academic success, right choices, healthy relationships, suicide, drugs, state testing, and many more topics. Dominic will tailor his keynotes or workshops to the topic needs for the school your school. He stated, "My mission is to continue to change students' lives academically and personally. My heart and passion for the youth are why I decided to be a speaker and educator." 

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