Healthy relationship

In a healthy relationship, respect looks like giving space, listening to each other and valuing each other’s feelings and needs. In this motivational keynote, Dominic and his wife Chelsea teaches students the importance of healthy relationships. The students will learn what it takes to make a relationship work and how to contribute and engage in a healthy and happy relationship. Most importantly, the students will learn how to treat one another with respect, a valuable skill to succeed in life. Additionally, this entertaining keynote will provide the students with great knowledge on the importance of education. They will learn how to discover the gifts inside them and how to make the most out of their talents. Based on Dominic’s own experience, he teaches the students why education is important and how to bounce back from adversity to prevent dropout of school.

Learning your gift | College

Dream big. When using your gifts and making the most out of your talents, you will get far in life. Based on Dominic’s personal story, he will teach college students about the importance of staying in school. He faced some tough challenges during school. However, Dominic finished uni against all odds as the first person in the family. He will share with the students his best advice on how to use their gifts. This inspiring keynote gives them a good understanding of what kind of lifestyle they can have while using their gifts properly.

Finishing the race | Staff

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness at all levels by developing the skills, knowledge and competencies of staff. Some staff simply becomes tired over time. This motivational and humorous keynote on staff development will teach employees how to develop their skills and grow. Dominic will help them identify their current life stage and understand the importance of finishing strong. Furthermore, the audience will learn the benefits of taking care of themselves before others as a part of their development. Additionally, Dominic will teach them how to use their gifts and why this is of high importance.

High School and Middle School Programs

High school or Middle school students will not fall asleep in Dominic Miller school program. In fact, most people will tell you its the best program they have ever seen.

  • Dominic will relate his story and meet them right where their are in their life. 
  • He is able to add in any topics such as the STAR program, bulling, state test, cyber bullying, suicide, peer pressure, drug awareness and most important respect and education.

Elementary Programs

Dominic Miller is one of the "Best Educational Speakers" in the country! The entire program is exciting and extremely energetic! They will have so much "FUN" during the school assembly! 

  • The students will go on the most amazing roller-coaster ride they have ever been on, but at the same time they will come down and understand the most important part of the program, which is the three E's that he uses (Education, Effort, and Excellence)! 
  • He reaches them at every topic such as bullying, academic success, state testing and also respect! Many administrators, principals, and staff members will tell you no one has ever kept a large group of kids engaged, and informed about education like Dominic Miller.

University Programs

Dominic Miller tackles issues that college students are dealing with on an everyday basis. 

  • His program is very engaging and informative.
  • He helps college students understand life after college.
  • He also helps them understand what they can do with their degree after college.  

Corporate & Staff Development:

Playing football Dominic understands it takes teamwork to make the Dream work, and also the Vision work! 

  • Dominic will inspire your staff like never before! There will be excitement and a lot of energy!
  • He has worked with organizations around the U.S helping them make their Vision come alive!

More than Special Education

Speaker Dominic Miller is an advocate for students that learn differently. In this keynote, he helps students understand that just because they learn differently it does not mean they cannot achieve their educational goals.

  • Students will learn the value of education and how to use their degree once they obtain it.
  • Parents, teachers and administrators will takeaway useful tips and strategies to best connect with students and help them achieve.

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